Cindicator: Hybrid Intelligence Will Replace Venture Investment Funds


Hybrid intelligence’s edge over a venture fund team is that our oracles, just like sensors, are distributed across the globe and run analysis 24/7 in each region with direct physical access to the project teams and regional markets.

FL: What are the advantages for Cindicator users compared to those of Augur or Gnosis? What’s your opinion on those projects?

M. B.: First of all, Cindicator is not a prediction market. We use completely different models, both in technology, business and logical connections between the elements that make up our ecosystem. We offer our oracles to invest their intellectual assets in our ecosystem by doing intellectual job to make different predictions. Our users don’t bet any money, and don’t risk anything at all. Our platform would allow them to monetize their intellectual assets and enhance their analytic abilities by perfecting their forecasting skills and expanding their knowledge base. Some of our superforecasters have been eventually hired by investment funds and major companies. We have validated their skills and tenure at our platform. They’ve been accumulating their experience for 18 month now.

Mikhail Brusov

FL: What would it take to make the platform completely decentralized?

M. B.: Presently, our team includes centralized traders and analysts that closely cooperate with our data scientists and mathematicians to develop different analytic approaches to retrieving data and testing trade strategies. One of our most important long-term goals is to abandon centralization at this part and using decentralized data scientists, traders and analysts that would complement the hybrid intelligence with their intellectual contributions.

FL: What inspired you to start developing the project?

M. B.: Cindicator is a classic black swan that was born out of seemingly random events in my life. That was reading Azimov’s Foundation on a fantastic hybrid science of psychohistory that uses math and history to predict the galaxy’s future. Secondly, there was a meeting with a venture investor in New York who recommended me to read a recently published work on superforecasters titled Superforecasting: the Art and Science of Social Predictions. My proclivity for technological entrepreneurship also had some role in that: I’ve been doing that for eight years now.

Y. L.: Cindicator originates from the research of collective wisdom. The idea itself and the research work are evolving together with the project. I’m confident that we’ll see the results of this joint work in a year or two. I’ve always been interested in mind. I’ve spent most of my life studying intellectual and cognitive systems, collective wisdom, and consciousness as a whole. Cindicator is a project where all our ideas come to life. Our lives are the inspiration.

FL: What do you personally consider the most innovative element of the project?

M. B.: There are two most important things for me:

  • Studying the system behind human errors while solving different problems. Ninety per cent of all errors are systematic, so, by knowing the laws of human errors one may avoid them and therefore accelerate technological advancement.
  • Merging different kinds of intelligence in a single living ecosystem that uses the most modern machine capacities to solve different problems and make scientific breakthroughs.

Y. L.: We’re creating a single globally distributed intellectual ecosystem capable of processing highly complex tasks at an evolutionary level that is absolutely new to the human consciousness.

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