Is BitPay Lying About ' Network Cost ' as Bitcoin Fees at Record Lows? –

Is BitPay Lying About 'Network Cost' as Bitcoin Fees at Record Lows? -

Cryptocurrency customers remain to whine concerning unjust costs enforced by settlement cpus, with one calling out BitPay for billing a 0.2% purchase cost.

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During a buy from Canadian vendor Newegg, which customers BitPay as a cpu, designer Jorge Timon in addition slammed BitPay’s method of indicating altcoin Bitcoin Cash (BCH, likewise called ‘BCash’) coincides as Bitcoin (BTC).

” Sad to see BitPay exist concerning ‘network expense’ of both bitcoin and also bcash (likewise depressing to see they add to puzzle newbies by calling bcash bitcoin). I made use of to advertise this solution amongst vendors, never ever once more,” he commented.

BitPay had actually imposed exactly what it called a “network expense” on Timon’s acquisition matching to 0.2% of the $60overall.

Despite that totaling up to just $0.12, the Bitcoin network’s presently low costs imply the purchase needs to still be more affordable.

At press time, prominent customer budgets such as recommended a charge price of 5 satoshis each byte.

Publicity Gone Wrong

BitPay remains to fight unfavorable promotion from the cryptocurrency market.

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