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Information is energy. – Francis Bacon

Truly, information isn’t solely energy but in addition wealth and worth. It’s the gas that drives society ahead. The pioneers of information have all the time been revered and tremendously rewarded since historical instances.

After the Web wave within the 21st century swept the world, it’s not the privilege of elites solely to create information. In modern society, bizarre folks can specific their concepts and values via social networks. Folks edit entries on Wikipedia, reply questions on Quora, supply programs on YouTube, disseminate data shortly on Fb, and so forth. The Web has change into a sea of information, the place the knowledge and creativity of bizarre netizens could be perceived in its “waves”.

However right here comes the issue: Whereas persons are diligently contributing their information, what have they bought in return? The traditional regulation of “information positive factors wealth” is now dealing with unprecedented challenges, that’s, information producers these days can hardly make any revenue.

The Exploitative Centralized System of Conventional Social Media

The issue doesn’t lie with information producers, however with social media. Conventional social networks have extremely centralized buildings which immediately have an effect on the pursuits of information producers:

First, social media monopolizes manufacturing supplies. On almost all social media (Fb, WeChat, and so forth.), customers create quite a lot of data like publishing pictures and updating standing.  Such data will entice the customers’ associates to love, ahead or remark the posts. The spontaneity of content material manufacturing by these customers in the end contributed to the prosperity of the platforms.

Nevertheless, all manufacturing supplies belong to those centralized platforms. On the one hand, social media can use such data to precisely place ads on customers and acquire big income from them; alternatively, there isn’t a materials incentives for content material producers, who then find yourself gaining nothing again.

This contradiction could be simply perceived in all varieties of social media. A typical instance is Q&A group which depends on high quality questions and solutions from its customers to deliver searching circulation, valuation, and income. The respondents discovered themselves spending quite a lot of time and vitality, however the ultimate returns and even respect. The slogan “Information Pays” has been put up for a few years, however the platforms are quickly growing whereas most content material suppliers nonetheless haven’t any revenue. That is undoubtedly extraordinarily unfair.

Second, the reward mechanism of social media is extraordinarily unfair. Within the present social media ecology, the reward mechanism solely works for those being paid consideration to. It is a pyramidal construction the place a handful of high customers (Massive V, KOL, and so forth.) produce premium content material, seize numerous followers, and notice such circulation worth in varied types. Nevertheless, the time and a spotlight spent by those paying consideration (99% bizarre customers) didn’t obtain any suggestions. After this construction turns into steady and comparatively strong with top-level KOL, bizarre customers’ enthusiasm will constantly decline. There may be not but an efficient resolution to this drawback.

Consequently, most information producers and normal customers selling information circulation have change into the exploitation targets of the centralized social media networks. They create and disseminate information, contribute circulation and funds to a small variety of KOLs and social platforms, however they both have none or very modest reward. 100 and fifty years in the past, capitalists exploited the labor class at will. After a century and a half, the social platforms have change into the modern “sweatshops”, benefiting from most of the people.

It’s time for folks to get again what belongs to them.

Decentralized Blockchain Social Networking: Returning the Energy of Information Again to the Public

Happily, we don’t have to attend for many years to crack the outdated system and restore equity and justice. The blockchain know-how born within the wave of latest know-how has introduced up the nice idea of decentralization, which is basically remodeling our society. String Chain emerges because the time requires.

String Chain is a mission based mostly on ONT (ontology community) infrastructure improvement, which supplies problem-solving and algorithm optimization for social media platforms via blockchain know-how.

— String Chain White Paper

String Chain is created based mostly on decentralization. Opposite to conventional social networks: customers of String Chain can utterly management their very own knowledge and determine how a lot privateness to be made public. Customers shall be rewarded to replace standing, articles, and footage. The worth of their produced information could be simply realized.

String Chain can clear up the issues of social media via three capabilities: identification authentication, privateness affirmation, and quantitative behavioral incentives. String Chain can present technical help to advertise the transformation of conventional social platforms, and may also assist the brand new decentralized platforms with infrastructure improvement. All web merchandise with social traits can change into a part of String Chain ecology via DApp.

Concerning the facet of behavioral incentive, String Chain rewards the customers who spend time producing content material within the social platform (DApp) with digital tokens. String Chain is designed with refined behavioral quantification capabilities to measure customers’ output as truthful as potential and reward them based on the output. By means of smart-contract know-how, the inducement distribution of String Chain can’t be tampered with, which is very environment friendly and dependable.

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