Iran Lifts Bitcoin Ban to Make Way For 'Crypto-Rial' –

Iran Considers State-Issued Cryptocurrency Ahead of Imminent US Sanctions -

Iran has lifted the ban on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as it takes another step towards its own sovereign cryptocurrency amid talks with foreign nations as potential partners.

Iran Unbans Bitcoin, ICOs

Today, Iran’s central bank has released an early draft of its cryptocurrency laws, lifting the previous ban on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, and ICOs, reports to Al Jazeera.

Nevertheless, the regulations will impose restrictions on the use of virtual currencies inside the country. Thus, individuals will be allowed to have bitcoin, though banks and businesses will likely be prohibited from transacting in cryptocurrency to preserve the rial monopoly.

The document also formally recognizes cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges as well as mining to generate cryptocurrencies through computing power.

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‘Crypto-Rial’ Talks Underway

According to the Tehran Times, Iran is currently in negotiations with eight foreign nations as part of efforts to incorporate cryptocurrency payments into international payment transactions. This move comes as the country looks for ways to counter US-led economic blockade.

Commenting on the plan, Mohammad Reza Modoudi, the acting head of the country’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO), said:

Representatives from Switzerland, South Africa, France, England, Russia, Austria, Germany, and Bosnia have visited Iran to hold related talks about the issue.

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