Users Are Passing a Bitcoin 'Lightning Torch' Payment Around the World –

Esther Kim

A new, decidedly social feature on the Bitcoin Lightning Network is gaining popularity this week after one user set up cryptocurrency’s answer to the Olympic flame.

Lightning Torch Reaches 2.3M Satoshis

Dubbed ‘Lightning Torch,’ the initiative involves passing a lightning payment between nodes, with each receiving user adding 10,000 satoshis ($0.34) and passing on to a new node.

Since its debut January 19 from the user known as hodlonaut, the Torch has gathered a total of 2.3 million satoshis ($78.30).

Hodlonaut originally used Lightning Network-based tipping service to send the first transaction, describing it as “fun” while explaining the process:

– I send 100k sats with to the first person I choose to trust that replies to this.

– That person adds 10k sats and sends 110k to someone (Either from reply to a new tweet, or this thread)[.]

Testing Lightning In 2019

While ostensibly a small-scale effort, the Torch appears designed to test the strength of Lightning for low-level payments, one year after the technology debuted on the Bitcoin mainnet.

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