93% of Ethereum DApps Had Zero Transactions Today – Bitcoinist.com

93% of Ethereum DApps Had Zero Transactions Today - Bitcoinist.com

Ethereum has 40 times more developers than its closest peer. But 86 percent of ETH DApps had zero users today–and 93 percent had no transactions.

Much of the Ethereum community shrugs off the fact that the price of ETH 00 has been on a (pretty much) year-long freefall.

Ethereum 1 yr

After all, it’s not designed to be money anyway, but a developer platform with the largest number of DApps and developers in the industry.

Is it not just a little bit worrying, then, that the sweeping majority of ETH dApps are little more than tumbleweed blowing in the wind?

Low to No Adoption of ETH DApps

The main topic of conversation in the industry is always how to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. How blockchains can overcome their multiple issues, scale to onboard more users, uncomplicate their cumbersome processes, improve security, and convince users their offer is better.

But when you look at the statistics below, it’s clear that we’re nowhere near that point yet.

Of the 1,375 live ETH DApps, most of them have next-to-no users or transactions.

This is not a new problem for Ethereum, though. In fact, we reported back in July of last year that just two self-confessed pyramid schemes were the most popular DApps on Ethereum at the time.

It seems that finding a consistent user base is more problematic than some people thought. A quick glance of the top 10 DApps on DappRadar at the moment shows that the most popular ones are with gamers.

dappradar top 10 eth

7 out of 10 of the highest performing DApps currently are in the gaming or gambling categories, with the other three being exchanges.

Despite the low usage figures, ConsenSys MD Lory Kehoe told Bitcoinist that he was still very much convinced in the longevity of Ethereum.

Ethereum is increasingly seen as the most versatile platform for enterprise solutions and the developers who are applying to work at ConsenSys know this… To give it to you in numbers Ethereum has 40 times the number of developers than our closest peer has.

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