TomoChain Founder Hits Back at Vitalik – Says Ethereum in for a Tough Year

Wilma Woo

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin is well-known for dismissing blockchain projects that claim high transaction speeds as “centralized” and unworthy. Long Vuong, founder of TomoChain (TOMO) has fired back with some criticism of his own.

TomoChain Offers 1,000TPS Compared to Ethereum’s Double Digits

The TomoChain network aims at being a public EVM-compatible blockchain with faster and cheaper transaction fees, among other features and promises.

Except it isn’t all just hot air. Their network already boasts transaction speeds of 1,000TPS–compared to Ethereum’s double digits.

Vuong recently stuck the knife into Ethereum, saying:

There are trade-offs in most systems. But Vitalik won’t be the one who makes the call about what’s trash and what isn’t.

He then twisted it a little further, adding:

This year won’t be a good one for Ethereum… Vitalik and Ethereum are in a difficult place. On one hand, they are disrespected by the Bitcoin maximalist camp, on the other they cannot seem to solve performance issues efficiently.

TomoChain Fights Back at Vitalik

Vitalik came out at the Blockchain Connect conference earlier this year stating that many projects that claim high transaction speeds are more centralized than the Ethereum network.

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In fact, he criticized them, saying:

A lot of the time when a blockchain project claims it can do 3,500TPS because it has a different algorithm, what it really means is ‘we’re a centralized pile of trash’.

Vuong took exception.

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