Ethereum Capital aims to raise $50 million to purchase controlling shares of ethereum-based startups and tokens. Source link
After years of working with clients who were leery of bitcoin’s dark past, Bitfury has launched a suite of investigative tools to help fight crime. Source link
A small Japanese startup is paving the way in ideating how bitcoin's experimental Lightning network could take shape on two fronts. Source link
Two San Francisco blockchain startups are teaming up, including one that is aiming to create a kind of decentralized Airbnb. Source link
How likely is an end-of-days scenario for bitcoin? Not very, according to investor Sebastien Meunier in a piece that outlines the possibilities. Source link
Zcash's latest private Powers of Tau ceremony used nuclear waste in a small aircraft to generate random code, helping to ensure the network's privacy. Source link
Defining criteria for digital asset will move forward the whole industry and simplify the jobs of investors and regulators, says Pavel Kravchenko.   Source link
Just THE blockchain? A world of blockchains for blockchains is coming, and it might be closer than you think. Source link
April 6, Aeternity public pre-sale has ended demonstrating huge support from the community for this new project with over $5 million collected in ETH and BTC. ForkLog had an opportunity to get some insights of why Aeternity supporters are so excited about the project at recent BlockchainUA conference Kyiv....
A modern human being has to remember dozens of logins and passwords to access all accounts at different platforms. The more reliable the password, the harder it is to remember it; and the more unique passwords there are, the higher the probability of forgetting some of them. Can one...