Bitcoin's "lightning torch" saw none other than Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey snatch up the ongoing payment experiment and pass it on Tuesday. Source link
The company behind the privacy-minded cryptocurrency zcash said Tuesday that it moved last year to fix a catastrophic bug that could have been used to print infinite coins. Source link
Search behemoth (and definitely not evil), Google, has somewhat lagged behind other tech giants when it comes to blockchain development. While Amazon and Microsoft launched tools for managing and creating blockchains, Google was more big data and search algorithms until now, as Google has combined the two to make blockchains searchable. Search...
Social media mogul Facebook has made an advance in its blockchain effort by hiring a blockchain startup specializing in smart contracts and facilitating payments.  Facebook ‘Acqui-Hires’ Chainspace According to financial media Cheddar, Facebook has hired a small blockchain company called Chainspace. In Silicon Valley, this move is referred to as an “acqui-hire” and according...
QuadrigaCX is expected to receive a stay of litigation during a hearing before the Nova Scotia Supreme Court tomorrow. Source link
The narrative that ethereum can't scale is being actively disproved in production environments on a daily basis. Source link
DOVU, a startup from London with goals of becoming the world’s leading marketplace for transport data, has reportedly commenced a working relationship with rail company Go-Ahead.  The working relationship has some serious investment interests behind it. DOVU launched two years ago and is backed by both Jaguar Land Rover’s InMotion Ventures...
During a public call Friday, a tentative decision on whether to implement the ethereum network's ProgPoW update was postponed. Source link
Cryptocurrency custody startup Casa has launched a browser extension for direct control of its lightning network-enabled bitcoin node.  Source link
Ethereum startup Aragon is investigating the use of Parity Technologies' Polkadot Network to launch a smart contract framework. Source link