Decentralized Application Building Made Easy with Fabric Token


· January 8, 2018 · 10:30 pm

The lack of developers in the blockchain space is an obstacle that is holding back the industry and keeping it from achieving mainstream adoption. This is a problem which Fabric Token looks to fix by building an easy environment to create smart contracts.

Scarcity of Human Resources

With the advent of Bitcoin, the world’s first completely decentralized cryptocurrency, people have begun to realize the power of decentralized applications, also known as DApps. Properly built, DApps have the power to disrupt pretty much every single industry on the face of the planet. They just need the right people to create them.

This is where the problem lies. There are hundreds of potential use cases for blockchain technology, but very few developers who have experience building decentralized applications. These people are in high demand right now, and only companies with deep pockets can afford the high salaries requested by developers. This is pricing out smaller companies from building their ideas, as there are not enough human resources to meet the demand.

Blockchain developers are not easy to come by either. Not only are DApps a cutting-edge field in computer science, but to build them you need people who also understand how to build an application with an intuitive UI. These DApps must be easy to use safely, regardless of the end-user’s technical background or level of comprehension. Bitcoin has turned into a billion-dollar industry and building anything that can result in the loss of user funds, which is dangerous to the community at large.

Creating a System for Everyone

This is where Fabric Token looks to change the market. They’ve understood this problem, and look to fix it by creating an easy to use platform for anyone to build their own DApps from scratch. The easy to use interface is similar to WYSIWYG web development, which stands for “What you see is what you get.” These are the “drag-n-drop” programs that allow anyone to build a website with ease. This can allow people with a thin technical background to develop their ideas and even make a working product. People with some technical understanding will also be able to customize their smart contracts to completely fulfill their needs.

The platform is comprised of four parts, the first being TokenGen, a very simple web application that can be used at will to create custom tokens and even build a smart contract to launch an ICO. This system is added to by DApp Workbench, which provides a space for businesses, large and small, to quickly and easily create their own DApps with no prior programming knowledge required. The platform also includes BPMN compatibility to seamlessly launch a smart contract once created onto its respective blockchain.

The entire ecosystem is powered by the Fabric Token, which serves as a means of value transfer across the platform. The value of the token is directly tied to the usability and adoption of the platform, completely apart from external factors that swing the cryptocurrency markets on a daily basis. On the platform, items such as smart contract components, fully built DApps, and more will be available for purchase using the Fabric Token currency.

The Fabric Token ICO is set to launch in February, and once the platform is fully up and running it’s expected to drive new levels of blockchain systems adoption. It’s very likely that the best use of blockchain technology is yet to even be thought of, and the Fabric Token platform allows for people worldwide to build and create their blockchain-based applications.

For more information about Fabric Token, please visit the official Fabric Token website or download the project White Paper.

Do you think an easy to use platform like Fabric Token will help spur the adoption of blockchain tech and smart contracts? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Fabric Token

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